Everything in life is working FOR your good! EVERYTHING!!! Sometimes we wonder why life seems to be falling apart. Why won't what you want just happen the way you want it to happen? Why won't that relationship last? Why won't the money come? Where is the relief?!?! Why is the struggle so real??? This mindset of victimization, where everything is happening TO you, is counterproductive to your happiness.

Your happiness lies in seeing that sometimes in order for the good to come together, the unnecessary must fall apart. Surrender and let it fall apart so you can get into the rebuilding as quickly as possible.

Remember in it all, you are so greatly loved. Loved by the source that creates Universes and provides you oxygen 24/7/365 just because it wants you to live life beautifully. Let go of what is falling apart. The intention is to build the greatness you desire.

There's freedom in the love!


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