The path to freedom requires a whole lot of love! Giving yourself permission to love yourself unconditionally, no matter what happens, is truly priceless. ⁣

However, not many of us are taught the value of or given the tools of how to love ourselves unconditionally. ⁣

Maybe this is why the state of relationships in society are in the condition they are in today. We cannot give what we do not have! To give unconditional love, it must come from within you. ⁣

Yet, most of us were taught that a "pouring from an empty cup" type of love is the way it's supposed to be...but this is not true. ⁣

A love that asks you to sacrifice who you are to make someone else happy is not love. I'm not talking about compromise, that's different. I am talking about all the times of silencing, hiding or limiting yourself because you want to keep that person. That is not love. ⁣

There is a way to love others that is truly beautiful. But you must first learn to love yourself. It's one of the greatest lessons I've learned. It is true freedom!⁣

Although the self-love movement may sound cliche, I encourage you to define it for yourself & watch the beauty reveal itself!⁣

Sending you love, light, and peace!