Never be limited by other peoples limited imaginations! ~Dr. Mae Jemison (First African American Astronaut).

I love when someone tells me what I can't do! It's a wonderful opportunity to see what I'm really made of and (bonus) prove them wrong!⁣

But I haven't always had this mindset. At one time, someone's lack of belief in me wounded me to the core.⁣

It took some time to realize that most people who discourage others feel discouraged in themselves. Most who project limitations onto others, are hindered by their own limitations. ⁣ The limitations they attempted to project onto me, were only a reflection of how they felt about themselves!⁣ It had absolutely nothing to do with me! This is also true for you! There is freedom in knowing that you can let other people keep their stuff. And better yet, you can show up and deal with your stuff so you are creating the life you desire. ⁣ I encourage you to choose differently, beginning today. Don't let others opinions of you become your reality. You have the opportunity to create your own beliefs about yourself and pave the way in that direction. ⁣ You are a powerful creator! It's time to create the good, the beautiful and the holy..⁣.

Sending you focus, clarity, and success!